Maximize Insight and Control with Our Browser Extensions

Here are some of the benefits of using our browser extensions

Unlock EdTech Visibility

Gain a single source of truth with the StudentDPA Extension, uncovering edtech tools and ensuring compliance.

Streamline Access to Approved Tools

Conveniently access all approved edtech tools in one place, empowering teachers and effective communication with families.

Centralize Request and Vetting

Automate DPA requests, saving time and mitigating data privacy risks with the StudentDPA Extension.

Real-time DPA Status

Provide teachers with real-time DPA status for websites and apps, ensuring compliance and risk mitigation.

Data-Driven Decisions for ROI

Maximize investment by leveraging usage data, focusing professional development, and meeting evidence requirements.

Discover EdTech Trends

Identify frequently accessed tools and gain insights into district-wide edtech usage, optimizing technology strategies.

Uncover Unapproved EdTech

Bring unapproved edtech to light, ensuring student and educator safety by addressing potential risks.

Surface Unrealized Value

Identify potential savings and optimize resources by uncovering underutilized licenses and duplicative tools.

Inform Your Next Actions

Make strategic edtech decisions based on data and insights from the StudentDPA Extension, guiding future choices.

Streamline Management

Automate Your Way to Security

The StudentDPA Extension is a game-changer for technology directors. It simplifies the complex process of data collection by discreetly tracking app usage, eliminating the need for time-consuming manual surveys. This hands-off approach saves hours of work, allowing tech directors to focus on what matters—making informed decisions for their schools.

No Interruptions, Just Education — Stress-Less Data Tracking for Teachers

Educators can continue using their preferred educational tools without interruption. They no longer need to submit individual app approval requests, which can be a major drain on time. Instead, the StudentDPA Extension operates in the background, efficiently gathering usage data and leaving the teachers free to teach.

Set Compliance to Autopilot — Navigate Data Privacy with Ease

Say goodbye to patchwork processes and the hassle of data aggregation. With our extension, tech directors can easily view a consolidated report of EdTech tool usage, assess compliance needs, and automatically manage the acquisition of Data Privacy Agreements (DPAs). It’s data privacy management made effortless, empowering your school to stay compliant without the complexity.

One-Stop Solution

Smart solutions, real-time results

Effortlessly track and analyze EdTech engagement with anonymized, real-time data from our Chrome extension, designed to empower tech directors with comprehensive insights into application use across all organizational units, both teachers and students, facilitating smarter strategy and resource allocation

  • Seamless Integration: Gathers data across grades and subjects without interrupting the educational flow

  • Insightful Reporting: Delivers actionable reports, offering a clear usage overview for informed decisions


Real-time, OU-wide EdTech insights, privacy intact


Immediate analytics reveal educational tool patterns


Streamline DPA handling; focus on the insights


Up-to-the-minute compliance status at a glance

Everything in One Place

Harness a unified dashboard that brings anonymized, real-time usage data and compliance status together, accessible at a glance.

Intuitive Dashboard

Visualize complex data through a user-friendly interface that provides a clear snapshot of technology interactions and trends

Centralized Management

Streamline the handling of digital privacy agreements, automate requests, and track approvals, reducing administrative load and ensuring compliance

Real-time Analytics

Get immediate insights into educational tool usage, enabling proactive decision-making with up-to-the-minute data

Informed Purchasing

Empower Decisions with Usage Data

Harness actual usage data to make informed purchasing decisions. With the StudentDPA Extension, distinguish between 'must-have' and 'hardly-used' apps, ensuring that investment matches real-world applications in classrooms across your district

Save Resources, Optimize Budgets

Identify underused software licenses and unnecessary duplicates. Empower your school to allocate funds wisely, avoiding overspending on underutilized tools and instead investing in resources that truly enhance education

Strategize with Confidence

Leverage detailed reports on app engagement to validate the necessity of tech tools before purchase. Make budgeting decisions based on usage statistics, securing the best ROI for educational technology

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