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Empowering School Districts with Comprehensive Data Privacy Agreement Services.
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We understand the importance of data privacy in today's digital age and firmly believe that schools should have the authority to safeguard their students' information. We have developed an innovative platform that simplifies the process of requesting, negotiating, and signing data privacy agreements with vendors for school districts. .
Customer support and real-time updates
We are dedicated to providing ongoing support to our users. Our team is readily available to address any questions or concerns you may have regarding the platform, data privacy, or the DPA negotiation process. Additionally, we continuously enhance our platform by delivering regular updates, introducing new features, and staying ahead of the evolving landscape of student data privacy.
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How It Works

Here's how to use our platform in a few easy steps

Electronic Signatures

We provide a E-SIGN compliant interface so our districts can sign all of their agreements without having to print and scan documents

Expanding Repository

Our collection of apps and agreements is always expanding! Don't see an app? Request it with just a few clicks!

Up-to-date Notifications

When it comes time to sign or renew an agreement, we'll send e-mail notifications and reminders right to your inbox


In addition to our hosted public profile pages, districts can also embed our customizable widgets for use on their own websites


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