Privacy First

Empowering Users with Data Control

Our platform ensures comprehensive data privacy management, allowing districts to better set the terms of student data. We prioritize your privacy, offering tools and resources to manage data effectively and comply with national and state privacy regulations.

  • Streamline data privacy compliance with real-time monitoring.

  • Boost decision-making with insights that optimize operations and reduce risk, saving costs.


Empowering Schools with Advanced Data Privacy Solutions

Safeguarding student data through innovative compliance technologies.

Comprehensive Privacy Agreements

Streamline and manage data privacy agreements efficiently, ensuring compliance with current regulations.

Enhancing Educational Tools Access

Our platform streamlines the Data Privacy Agreement process, ensuring secure and compliant use of digital tools within educational settings. This reduces barriers, enabling teachers to access essential digital resources effortlessly.

Data Privacy Simplification for Tech Directors

Our platform empowers Tech Directors with the tools needed to manage Data Privacy Agreements efficiently. By simplifying complex compliance requirements, we enable seamless protection of digital privacy in educational environments.

Streamlined Compliance Monitoring

Our platform provides Tech Directors with intuitive tools to effortlessly track compliance with educational technology regulations. Stay ahead of regulatory changes and ensure your institution meets all legal requirements with our streamlined solutions.

Enhancing Community Trust in Digital Tools

Our platform helps schools demonstrate compliance with data privacy standards to students and families, fostering trust and transparency in the use of educational technologies.

Future-Proofing Educational Compliance

Our platform ensures that educational institutions stay ahead in the rapidly evolving digital landscape by maintaining up-to-date compliance with data privacy laws. This proactive approach secures a dynamic and forward-thinking environment for both educators and administrators.

Empower Education

Streamline Data Privacy Management

Our platform revolutionizes data privacy management in education, automating processes to enhance efficiency and compliance. Benefit from a streamlined experience that safeguards student information seamlessly.

Innovative Compliance Solution

Leverage our comprehensive tools to navigate the complexities of data privacy with ease, ensuring a secure learning environment. Our platform is the smarter choice for proactive educational institutions.

Tailored Growth Solutions

Our platform dynamically adapts to your educational institution's evolving needs, ensuring scalability and personalized learning paths for each student.

Seamless Data Integration

Easily connect and synchronize your data sources with our platform, simplifying the management of educational resources and student information.

  • Enhance data-driven decision-making with aggregated insights from multiple sources, streamlining administrative and instructional efforts.

  • Improve engagement and outcomes with customized learning experiences, powered by comprehensive data analysis.

Everything in One Place

Some of the features that help us stand out from the rest

Up-to-date Notifications

When it comes time to sign or renew an agreement, we'll send e-mail notifications and reminders right to your inbox

Expanding Repository

Our collection of apps and agreements is always expanding! Don't see an app? Request it with just a few clicks!

Embed Widgets

In addition to our hosted public profile pages, districts can also embed our customizable widgets for use on their own websites

How It Works

Here's how to use our platform in a few easy steps

Sign Up and Account Creation

Start by registering your district or LEA with our platform and identifying key pieces of information needed to provision your organization's accounts such as details about your organization, average number of students, etc.

Request Apps

After signing up, you can browse through our extensive catalog of available apps or request access to specific applications that are needed for your work or personal use. Our platform offers a wide range of tools commonly used in educational settings, ensuring that you find the right applications to meet your requirements

Review App Agreements

Before electronically signing any agreements, we prioritize the review of data privacy agreements (DPAs) since they are the primary legal documents, surpassing the significance of terms of service or end-user license agreements. Our platform makes it incredibly easy for you to review DPAs, ensuring that you have full visibility and understanding of the terms and conditions.

Electronically Sign Agreements

Once you have reviewed the data privacy agreements (DPAs) and are satisfied with the terms and conditions, our platform facilitates the electronic signing process. We provide a seamless experience by leveraging a digital signature tool ensuring the security and convenience of the signing process.

Access Anytime, Anywhere

We understand the importance of data security and system reliability. Our platform is built on a scalable database architecture with robust security measures in place. We prioritize the protection of your data and have implemented advanced measures to safeguard against threats. With our stringent security protocols, we have maintained an excellent track record, remaining resilient against ransomware attacks and other security breaches that can disrupt operations.


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